Aim Asphalt


Why do I need to sealcoat my lot or driveway?

Sealer penetrates the asphalt binder and creates a protective coating on the asphalt surface. This prevents moisture penetration that causes the small stones that are near the top of the surface to pop out when it freezes. The new, dark surface helps to melt off the snow and ice faster. The sealed surface will repel gas, oil, and antifreeze much better than a non-sealed surface. Besides a newly sealed lot of drive looks better.

What about asphalt cracks and why do they form?

Asphalt as well as concrete will do one thing that is guaranteed, it will crack. The severity will depend on the maintenance you do. The most important point for asphalt is crack maintenance. Asphalt and concrete expand and contract, the severity that they do so will cause cracks to develop. If you have surfaces maintained, you can prevent further damage such as crack shifts and potholes. The advantage of asphalt over concrete is that the cracks are usually cheaper and easier to maintain.

When should I have my asphalt surface sealed?

We recommend waiting two seasons before sealing for the first time. This allows the asphalt to fully cure. Sealing too soon can cause the asphalt to remain soft allowing tire dents, bike stand holes, etc. We also recommended two coats for the first sealcoat.

How often should I seal my asphalt?

We recommend waiting at least two years between sealing. Sealing too often will cause sealer buildup. Before long your asphalt would look more like a dried riverbed. Many residential applications we have done have lasted five years. Commercial lots vary from one year for fast food restaurants to five years for a church lot.

If I just had a driveway or lot sealed, how long do I have to stay off it?

Many times just 24 hours, however if you have a shadowed drive 48 hours would be better. If can also depend on the temperature and time of year. Most customers would like to wait until fall to seal, this is actually not the recommended time. The best time to seal is in the mid summer while temperature is up day and night.

How much does it cost to seal or repair a lot or driveway?

There are a lot of variables to consider in each case, so the cost will vary also. It depends on items such as size of lot, amount of cracks or repairs and more. Please contact us for an estimate. It has been proven that properly maintained asphalt will double the life of your pavement.

What is a custom mix design?

Many applications vary. We can customize a mix for any need, from a shiny residential surface to a rough, nonskid airport runway.

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