Bring Your Asphalt Back to Life

Get our asphalt patching services in Battle Creek, MI

If your asphalt is in poor condition, it could affect the value of your property. Let AIM Asphalt Inc provide you with asphalt patching services in Battle Creek, MI.

Some common repairs that we take care of are:

  • Infrared Repair
  • Mill and Fill
  • Saw Cut Repairs
  • Manhole Repairs

Whether you need crack or pot hole repair services, we have you covered. Contact us now for more information about our asphalt patching services.

Learn about our infrared repair services

Is there a bump in your asphalt? Let us get rid of it for you. We offer infrared repair services to smooth out the surface. Our team will:

  • Apply strong heat to remove the raised section seamlessly
  • Lay more asphalt over the area to make it look as good as new
  • Make sure that the area is even before letting the asphalt cool
We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure quality results. Call (269) 964-7283 to schedule our infrared or pot hole repair services in Battle Creek, MI.